BaseKit, the “Do-It-Yourself” Website

By Anita Sabot - Sun Apr 01, 9:35 pm

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I’m pretty excited about BaseKit!  We’ve just installed it on our server and it’s looking good.  I’ve been testing it out, and it can make some pretty impressive websites. is happy to offer this product to our clients, FREE of charge!

BaseKit has a drag-n-drop functionality that is super easy to use and includes many powerful widgets and app integration: Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, YouTube and many more!  You will also enjoy a variety of more than 200 professional templates, customizable designs and full HTML/CSS control for the more savvy web designers, or those desiring to learn more about design!


Installing BaseKit:

In order to get started with BaseKit, simply login to your hosting account control panel (cPanel) and scroll down to the Software/Services section and click on BaseKit SiteBuilder to install it on your domain or previously created sub-domain.

Once you have installed BaseKit, you can gain access to edit your website by clicking on this same icon.



Selecting a Template:

The hardest part of using BaseKit is going to be choosing which of the over 200 templates to get started with!   If you select one template and after playing around with it, are not satisfied, try a different template.  To do this, click on “Manage” from the top menu of BaseKit and choose to delete the website and then you can install a different template.














Add Content:

Once you have chosen your template, you are ready to add content to your new website using all of the amazing tools that BaseKit has to offer.













You can view basekit tutorial videos at

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