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By Anita Sabot - Fri Mar 16, 6:55 pm

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Want to earn money by promoting web hosting services?  There are NO high tech skills needed!


EARN 25% of the cost of hosting of anyone you get to order hosting from SabotSites.  Earn it for the life of their account… year, after year, after YEAR!!!

For example, if you one of your contacts buys a Super Plus Site for $149/year you earn $37.25/year… for as long as their account is with SabotSites!



Current SabotSites clients, CLICK HERE TO JOIN the affiliate program at, where you will be asked to login with your client area login details.  (If you are NOT currently a SabotSites client, you can still become an affiliate,  REGISTER FIRST with SabotSites to obtain your free client area login details.)


Tell Your Friends

Once you register as an affiliate, you will be emailed an affiliate link.  That link will simply take visitors to  HOWEVER it will also place a “cookie” on the client’s computer that is valid for 60 days, recognizing that the person arrived at SabotSites using YOUR affiliate link.  Because of this link, you will get a 25% credit for any hosting accounts that they purchase.

There are many ways that you can advertise your affiliate link.  You can use some of the methods listed here or invent your own!

  • Share Your Link –  The easiest way is to simply COPY & PASTE your SabotSites affiliate link in email messages that you send to your friends and contacts or in your email “signature”.  It’s especially efficient to email it to people you have heard talk about needing to put up a website or to those who have a website and and would like to migrate to a BETTER hosting service with EXCELLENT customer service!  We will even help with the migration.
  • Add an Affiliate Banner – If you have your own website, you can use a SabotSites banner graphic to help drive traffic from your website to SabotSites.
  • Buy a Domain – You can even buy your very own catchy domain name and ask SabotSites to park it on your affiliate link.  In doing this, when someone clicks on it will go directly to SabotSites using your affiliate link.  You can then advertise on business cards, posters, or anywhere you’d like!

However you share the link is fine.  Just always remember that although you can type the link text as, be sure to make it link to your actual affiliate link which will look something like this… (your affiliate number will replace the 000).  Remember that the link will simply take clients to my website after having saved a cookie on their computer, marking them as your client. 


Get Paid

You can withdraw your affiliate account balance from the SabotSites client area at any time or even apply your affiliate credit towards your own SabotSites products and and services.



The Tech Stuff That Makes This System Work…

Just in case you are wondering how an affiliate link works, I’ll explain a bit about it here.  The SabotSites affiliate program uses cookie tracking to track and award sales made through your affiliate link.

The cookie tracking is valid for 60 days and is awarded on a last click basis — meaning, if someone uses your link before ordering on SabotSites, it will overwrite any other affiliate cookies currently in their system.

Studies have shown that 99.32% of website users automatically have cookies enabled in their browser, and this technology will remain part of the internet for a long time.  However for the .68% of customers who have cookies disabled on their browser or have cleared their cookies since clicking your affiliate link, unfortunately will not be able to have their sales tracked.

So feel free to tell your friends to click on your affiliate link right before they are ready to purchase to guarantee a successful sale.

Also, you can let me know a potential client’s name and I will personally make sure you get your deserved credit for the sale!

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