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By Anita Sabot - Wed Jul 06, 2:13 pm

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Your SabotSites hosted email accounts can be checked by clicking on the Email Login link at (

In order to access your email account you will need the following account information.

Login: email address

Password: password used when creating the email account

If someone else has set this account up for you, you can change the password to anything you’d like once you have logged in for the first time. To do this, click on the Change Password icon at the bottom left side of the screen immediately after you have logged in to your email account.

When you sign in there is a choice of 3 email interfaces: Horde is the most versatile but is more complicated, Squirrel is the most simple to use, but is indeed simplistic, and Round Cube is the third choice and my personal favorite.

You can also set up your POP3 email account to be viewed in Gmail/Outlook/Outlook Express/Windows Mail/Hotmail. Depending on what email service you are using, you may need some of the following information:

  • Use for the incoming and outgoing mail server information.
  • When it asks you for login name, please note you must write your FULL email address.  (For example, the login for is and NOT support.)
  • You may need to go to the properties of that account and click the servers tab.  Click on settings and checkmark my server requires authentification.
  • Some servers have issues with the default port.  If your account isn’t working, try going to the account settings and click the advanced tab and change the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) setting to 26, it’s probably currently on 25.



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